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JaiSavage was founded by Jailyn Savage or Also known as “Jai”. I am a influencer and content creator on both Instagram (@Jaisavage) & Youtube (@Jaisavage & @Cey&Jai) with Over 200,000 Supporters on each platform! At the age of 14 years old I always had a passion for hair so, I started to teach myself how to do my own hair from staying up all night & day just by watching different hair tutorials on YouTube.Once I taught myself completely, I felt unstoppable. I always switched up my hairstyles at least every other week and still do till this day, People at my school started to notice how frequently my hairstyles would change and started asking me “Who does my hair?” Or “where do I get my hair from?” so starting in the beginning of my 10th grade year I started doing my friends hair and word got around school that I was really good at doing hair and next thing you know I started getting paid at the age of 15 to do other peoples hair and I really enjoyed doing it! It made me extremely happy to see my clients have a huge smile on their faces just by me doing their hair! Fast forward to now At the age of 20 I decided to start my own hair collection (JaiSavage) That provides very high quality & affordable hair To individuals so they can feel as beautiful and confident as I do when I wear hair from JaiSavage! My brand is very close to my heart and something that will be expanded in the near future and I hope to inspire others in a way to go for whatever you put your mind to while feeling beautiful doing it!


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